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White people: This isn’t hard. Really, it’s not.


Civil war:  Was about owing human beings. It was not about States Rights (ask the free states who the South told had to return escaped slaves.) #badpeople #badcause #losers 

Owning human beings: #bad

People who downplay owning human beings: #badpeople

Slave owners who had sex with slaves: #rapists, #badpeople

Confederacy: #traitors who took up arms against the U.S.

Confederate flag and monuments to the confederacy: #painful, #insulting reminders to people.

Confederates: #losers #nothonorable

Confederate flag, flying and displaying of: Actual U.S. flag disrespect. (See #traitor. See #bad.)

People who kidnapped human beings from one continent and enslaved them on another: #badpeople #nothonorable #horriblehumanbeings #terrorists

400+ years of systematic and institution racism = #reparationsnow

This was a White country: No, it wasn’t. Ever. Even if that was a thing, it wasn’t. Remember Native Americans? Remember the economic benefits enjoyed by some but created by the enslaved people who did all the actual work and got worse-than-nothing for it?  (#thatisjustastupididea)



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Facts are not opinions. That’s not just my opinion.

“Opinions are like assholes; everyone has one.” This implies all opinions are equally valid, because opinions are “just” opinions. Often the speaker goes on to confuse or conflate facts with opinions: for example, “it’s just your opinion that human beings didn’t walk with the dinosaurs.” No, it’s not an opinion; it’s a fact.

Opinions are conclusions drawn from available facts. Difference in opinions arise because people have different degrees of comfort with subject matter, incomplete access to facts, or incomplete understanding of the facts they know. There is no such state as perfect knowledge, so every opinion is flawed to some extent. Reasonable people can disagree about opinions, therefore we accept that opinions are subjective.

While opinions aren’t facts, their merit can be weighed. If an opinion is based on outdated or incorrect information, or if it contains logical fallacies, it should be discarded by the holder of the opinion and discounted suspect by the audience. Opinions based on many well-understood facts merits more attention than opinions based on few facts. Opinions that ignore facts that undercut the opinion should be ignored.

Facts are facts regardless of season, time of day, or political party. Some facts are firmer than others. Gravity is a fact; a liberal will fall to their death if dropped from the Tower of Pisa as surely as a conservative will. A fact is a fact whether you believe in it or not. Just ask Wile E. Coyote.

Opinions are conclusions drawn from available facts. Reasonable people can disagree about conclusions, and so have different opinions, but two reasonable people cannot disagree about facts.

Assholes are facts, and everyone needs one. That assholes are ugly or funny or weird is an opinion. Only an asshole stubbornly clings to a bad opinion like the US is a post-racial society.

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Roll call

This post is for me to bring links together that I continue to reference in every single conversation I have with people making the following claims and/statements. It’s a work in progress. Let me know if I’ve erred, or ideas about additional points to include. Thanks for reading.

  1. If Michael Brown had been sensible and done what the cop said, he’d still be alive. Not necessarily. Eric Gardner was killed by a cop’s choke hold just a couple of weeks before Mr. Brown was shot dead.
  2. Looking like a gang banger | shoplifting a pack of cigarillos is reason enough to be shot by a cop. (Um, no, neither are capital crimes, he seemed to be dressed the same as many young men of many colors I see, and he did not, as far as I’ve been able to find, shoplift anything.)
  3. Obviously Blacks in Ferguson just need to vote and get their act together. This is almost the saddest one. I can only imagine the frustration of hearing this after years and years of desperate attempts to fix this, to get attention paid to the problems. Anyway, a link to the Missouri Attorney General’s report on racial profiling for 2013.

Just since Michael Brown was shot dead in Ferguson by Officer Wilson.

Eric Garner, 43, July 17, 2014 Please note this was just a couple of weeks before Michael Brown was killed. This news was still fresh and distressing for anyone paying attention.

Kajieme Powell, 25, August 19th, 2014 Compare to the case of Joseph Houseman. “A police officer repeatedly asked Houseman to put down his gun so they could talk, but he refused and accused the cop of ‘acting like a prick’ and being in a gang.”

John Crawford, 22, August 9, 2014 “And the next thing I know, he said ‘It’s not real,’ and the police start shooting and they said ‘Get on the ground,’but he was already on the ground because they had shot him.'” Compare to open carry shows of force.

Akai Gurley, November 21, 2014 “’It was a pitch-black hallway,’ Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said of the Thursday-night shooting at East New York’s Louis Pink Houses. ‘The deceased is a total innocent.’”

And, Monday.
Tamir Rice, 12, November 24, 2014 Twelve.

Prosecutor McCullochs has, at best, a conflict of interest.

African-Americans were targeted for 92 percent of vehicle searches, though searches of white suspects were more likely to turn up contraband (34 percent of searches of white suspects found contraband, versus only 22 for black suspects).

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