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White people: This isn’t hard. Really, it’s not.


Civil war:  Was about owing human beings. It was not about States Rights (ask the free states who the South told had to return escaped slaves.) #badpeople #badcause #losers 

Owning human beings: #bad

People who downplay owning human beings: #badpeople

Slave owners who had sex with slaves: #rapists, #badpeople

Confederacy: #traitors who took up arms against the U.S.

Confederate flag and monuments to the confederacy: #painful, #insulting reminders to people.

Confederates: #losers #nothonorable

Confederate flag, flying and displaying of: Actual U.S. flag disrespect. (See #traitor. See #bad.)

People who kidnapped human beings from one continent and enslaved them on another: #badpeople #nothonorable #horriblehumanbeings #terrorists

400+ years of systematic and institution racism = #reparationsnow

This was a White country: No, it wasn’t. Ever. Even if that was a thing, it wasn’t. Remember Native Americans? Remember the economic benefits enjoyed by some but created by the enslaved people who did all the actual work and got worse-than-nothing for it?  (#thatisjustastupididea)



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Always believe an autocrat; he means what he says

Why is anyone surprised any more? I get that we can be shocked and appalled and horrified on a daily basis, but…surprised? Trump has never been anything but what he has always been. If you don’t like what he’s doing today, you should have said something years ago.

If you weren’t appalled and activated when a presidential candidate talked about Mexicans as rapists and murderers or talked about having a right to grab women’s pussies just because you’re not brown or female…don’t look for any sympathy for suddenly noticing when the threat is directed towards you. This train has been coming down the track for a loooong time, and it’s never pretended to be anything other than a train.

Even the GOP, in general, has been exactly who they’re proving themselves to be on a daily basis. They promised to “starve the beast” that is government…well, except for the institution they benefit from or feel safe from…and they’re doing. exactly. what. they. said. they’d. do.

Always believe the autocrat will do exactly what he says he’ll do.

#JeffFlake #TooLittleTooLate

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Reaching out, vs. introspection

ISO ways to talk about people traditionally excluded from institutions and systems that do not lump people together based solely on a characteristic of identity–even though they strongly identify with that characteristic. For example, predominantly white, middle-income, college educated community groups look for ways to “reach out” to “the Vietnamese.” Here’s another example: we talk of “the homeless,” as if we wear our homes or are our homes*. Some of us certainly identify strongly with our homes, but no one would describe me as “homed,” so why would I place as a predominant characteristic on a person the status of their housing? An example, I could say “there are many homeless people in Seattle,” vs “many Seattleites have inadequate or uncertain housing.” They are residents of Seattle. Full stop. People who have first hand knowledge of dire housing conditions have a particular stake in the outcome and a great deal of crucial experience that can inform discussions. If we focus on the fact of housing crises, we can focus on the issues and facts and not the personalities. Needful to say, I should not raise the issue of the status of one’s housing when that issue is not under discussion.

Back to the example of community groups wanting to do outreach…it seems to me that we are asking the wrong question. The question isn’t how to reach populations, but why aren’t we attracting different voices? That’s an inward examination.

Added: elsewhere someone mentioned the idea that “people are people,” which is true and can help with conversation, but that misses the point that the characteristic they share–skin, religion, gender–do put them at risk or form a barrier to systems, institutions, and services.


*Those homes are assumed to not be tents or RVs. Unless, of course, one is retired, and, typically white, middle-income, etc.

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