Always believe an autocrat; he means what he says

Why is anyone surprised any more? I get that we can be shocked and appalled and horrified on a daily basis, but…surprised? Trump has never been anything but what he has always been. If you don’t like what he’s doing today, you should have said something years ago.

If you weren’t appalled and activated when a presidential candidate talked about Mexicans as rapists and murderers or talked about having a right to grab women’s pussies just because you’re not brown or female…don’t look for any sympathy for suddenly noticing when the threat is directed towards you. This train has been coming down the track for a loooong time, and it’s never pretended to be anything other than a train.

Even the GOP, in general, has been exactly who they’re proving themselves to be on a daily basis. They promised to “starve the beast” that is government…well, except for the institution they benefit from or feel safe from…and they’re doing. exactly. what. they. said. they’d. do.

Always believe the autocrat will do exactly what he says he’ll do.

#JeffFlake #TooLittleTooLate


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