Gearing up for the Tour de Fleece

Okay, so you think I’ve gone a little overboard with fiber? Nah, I’m a comparative light weight, so I’m amused I signed up for two Tour de Fleece teams. The Tour de Fleece is a venerable, two-year-old tradition. Maybe it’s three-years-old. Anyway. Old.

Basically spinners choose a personal goal and then spin every day during the Tour de France. Funny, it’s one of the few sports I actually like watching on TV. Bicycling, not spinning.

It’s a great way to discipline myself to spin ever day which should improve my yarn a lot.

Here’s is my first roving, a bit more than 1/2 finished:

Pencil Roving from Fiber Denn

Fiber Denn roving, Ashford top whorl drop spindle

My goal is to finish this roving, ply it, and the spin two miscellaneous samples of wool, and then, at the end some silk fiber. I’d like to be able to spin fingering weight by the end and ply-on-the-fly.


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