Facebook and other social diseases…er…media

Random musing…

Facebook has stolen what little discipline I had for writing blog posts. The ability to post stream-of-consciousness notes to a group of friends is seductive. It undermines my resolve to use a blog to practice regular writing that’s a bit more formal than blathering with friends.

Interesting how FB insinuated itself into my life. I had an account for a couple of years that was unused. I’d made it when trying to get in touch with my nephew, who was changing his social identities at the slightest whim. I finally sold my soul when a critical mass of VL acquaintiances started using it, and now more RL friends are connecting up.

I’m still skeptical at what it…what social media… provides. It’s so fractured, scattered, and…well, flighty, that I’m not sure it’s benefits are as revolutionary as touted.


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