Mind the math!

The fabulous web comic xkcd gave me a jolt last Thursday. I know to pay close attention to any figures the media reports. I didn’t realize how lazy I’ve been when listening to news about AGI executive bonus’ and government bailout.  I hope you’ve been more alert than I have been to the deceptive reporting.

1000 Times by Randall Munroe

1000 Times by Randall Munroe

I think the media is more oblivious than deceitful.  Nevertheless, facile comparison of a billion dollar figure to a million dollar figure gives the impression that the bonuses are almost as much as the bailout.  Reporting the bonuses without also reporting that they were contractually required, is also deceptive.

Don’t misunderstand, I think there’s plenty of reason to be angry with AGI. But the current reporting is misleading and leaves out any discussion of the original bailout negotiation.


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