Baby Surprise

2008.08.21 42 rows! Haven’t had the nerve to count stitches. I should be at 90. I’ll find out tonight. I think I miscalculated the yardage and will need more skeins. We’ll see.
Baby Surprise, 42 rows
2008.08.19 Better! Up to row 22. Whew. Finally figured out what I was doing to mess up stitch count. When checking the just finished row, I’d mistake a slipped stitch I forgot to pass over as just an un-knit stitch (which I also do every so often). So, would knit it an go one. That would end up giving me an extra stitch I wouldn’t catch til I was really confused. Half the time I think I can’t start making progress on a pattern til I figure out what I’m inclined to do wrong in it so I know how to fix mistakes.

2008.08.15: And frogged again! Dammit. Had dropped two stitches in the first 3 rows. I know how to rip down and pick up stitches, but not when it’s down to the cast on. Can’t wrap my head around that.

2008.08.14: Frogged again. Grrr.

2008.08.13: Frogged and restarted. I wanted to knit Panda Man’s version, but got a bit confused flipping between the original pattern, the very helpful pattern notes, and the stockinette instructions. Decided retreat was the better part of valor, or at least sanity, and have started over to knit the original garter stitch version. So far so good.

Aug. 12. Started.

Re: Jelli yarn…Like the color, like that it’s washable, like the price. Not too crazy about the texture, and it seems to unravel very easily.


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