Update on the Sad Saga of the Samsung Samera..er…camera

In an earlier post, I reported that my relatively new Samsung L77 needed repairs. The camera would turn on, display a message to turn it off and then back on again and the shut off. The first time it happened in early May, it started working again, but when it happened again in late June, I looked into it. Had to send the camera in for repairs. I was suspicious, though hopeful, when the shop, Digitech America in Longbeach, CA, fixed and mailed the camera the same day they got it.

So far, so good. I hope the camera is not going to be a lemon. I love how small and easy it is to use. The menus aren’t actually terrible or hard to get at. The pictures of pie were in less-than-great light, untweaked, and I’m a shaky photographer. So, pretty good results, considering.


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