Review of Vanessa recipes

In a recent post, I mentioned two recipes from Vanessipes: a vegetable pot pie and Chipotle Sweet Potato and Black Bean Casserole.

I was disappointed in the chipotle casserole. I doubt it’s because I substituted yams and Hatch green chiles, but that may have been it. It turned out bland, and the contrast between the masa top and casserole body is too stark. I think if I make it again (it’s got great ingredients) I’d cut the recipe in half, and I’d sandwich the filling between layers of masa. If you had different results, I’d like to hear of it.

The vegetable pot pie is great though. However, again, I’d cut the recipe in half.

In either case, I’m grateful to Vanessipes for the making these recipes available. I’ll definitely keep checking back with her.


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