Dorkbot Seattle, Catastrophic Cacophony Workshop

There couldn’t have been a better meeting than this past Wednesday night to make a Dorkbot meeting. finally. The Catastrophic Cacophony Workshop on Aug. 6th, was perfect, as the name would imply it simply must be. It went a looooong way to refilling creative juice.

The evening’s challenge:

Josh Kopel, former co-organizer of MakePhilly, brings the maker challenge to Seattle.

The theme is catastrophic cacophony and the challenge is to build the loudest, craziest, flashiest automated “musical” instrument ever.

Here are some links…

Video of debuts is here.

Video of most rhythmic (imo) in process is linked to here.

Photos here, here, and here (I’m sure there are more out there).

Thanks, Shelley, Josh, Brady, and all the other people who made it happen–especially the musicians.


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