Blogging reality check, 30 year HS reunions, and WTF?

I’m at a loss. A complete loss. Words are failing me, except for the doltish “huh, wha’aa?”

I can be snotty about whatever silicon valley virus has the cool kids buzzing. Pals stand in lines for hours for the first iPhone, blogging and twittering all the while. I mean, really, it seems like people can’t go to the bathroom without letting the cloud know.

I’m not a luddite, far from it. But just cuz you can do something doesn’t make it a good idea. And twittering still strikes me as trivial as, well, The Love Boat. Which brings me to my upcoming 30th high school reunion.

Since I’m not going to my reunion, I asked, after hunting around for a while, if anyone would be blogging the affair.

Nobody has replied “blogging?” Then again, no one has replied anything. What’s up with that? I’m picky about adding blogs to my feed, but I’m subscribed to 1, 2, 3, … Gad. More than 50. Subjects range from astronomy to coding, to dreadful cakes, and knitting. I get most of my local community news via blog. We have more than one classmate who was good with words, and no doubt they are better now.

I’m baffled that out of several hundred people, no one is blogging an event designed to generate snarky and insightful writings, humorous and touching photos. Good grief. It’s as if nature gave us the perfect subject for blogging years before it was invented just so we could get the embarrassing, nostalgic, weird formula down really well first.

There could even be a WordPress theme for blogging high school reunions. A flickr feed template. There are puns galore just waiting for expression. Like…like…

Clique here

OMG. I think I smell “start up.” Any VC’s out there…I had the idea first!!!


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