Sad-sung L77 digital camera, and when is good news…suspicious?

I bought a Samsung L77 digital camera in February that has already had to be returned for repair. It twice got stuck in what seemed to be a mode where the lens wouldn’t open properly when turned on (or it wouldn’t close when shut off). After turning the camera on, after about 20 seconds, the LCD screen would display a blurred image of (usually) the ground, and a message that said to turn the camera off, then back on. The first time this happened, the camera started to work again the next day. The second time, I looked into the problem and found ‘Net references that said the camera had to be repaired.

Naturally it pissed me off to have to return a not-cheap camera so soon after purchase, and right before I’d planned to use it to prepare for a public meeting next week. Imagine my surprise when the repair shop emailed me that the camera was fixed and shipped back to me before I got notice that the package had been received by said shop.

Hm. Is this like when you return a dish at a restaurant and it comes back a bit too quickly?

I’m sure you all will await, as do I, with bated breath.

Update: I cannot fault Digitech America’s service, that’s for sure. They replied to my email asking what was wrong within the hour. They replaced the lens. Hm. Either they see this a lot, which is disturbing, or they’re unusually good in this day of crappy customer service. (Don’t even ask me about calling Blackberry, a.k.a. RIM, support.)


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