Geeks CAN dress up and behave all swanky!

I had the good fortune to attend a wedding this weekend that was simply lovely. Very warm and comfortable despite being quite fancy and extremely well planned. I shouldn’t haven’t been surprised considering the bride, groom, best man, and best woman are all warm, generous people with years of experience as conference planners.

It’s times like this that make my inner life-coach tell my inner wimp to “oh, get over yourself already.” I had been nervous about attending because I can dwell too much on my insecurities. Luckily a conversation with Maryam, reminded me that a) weddings are about supporting the couple and their families, and b) everybody has different weaknesses–the only question is do I want to be a slave to them? No! I missed two events because I was wound up in my own brain’s tangles. Silly. Talk about biting off my nose to spite my face. (Such a vivid cliché!)

So, yeah, yeah, too much information, I know. And really this is about the wedding. I wrote the other day about being a good guest, prompted by considering this event. Given that it was a wedding of geeks, attended by, largely, geeks, one might not have expected everyone to wear their finest evening wear–men in suits who may not have ever had a suit before! Oh, and they looked simply devine :-). The women were smashing, the children delightful, cheerful, cute, and well-behaved.

Just so you know, you three people reading this (on a good day!), I’m not given to automatic sentiment for weddings. This was one of the best. Not because the couple had obviously spent a great deal of effort considering how to make their guests feel special, but because the families were both in attendance and supportive, the mood light, humorous, while deeply sincere, and the guests seem united in wishing the very best for this couple as they forge a life together.

I wish you so very well, Chris and Ponzi. I hope you never lose sight of being on the same side. If you keep sight of that and keep important goals and hopes in common, you’ll make it through the turbulence, because you’re both very loving and generous, smart and focused. I admire you both and am so grateful to call you my friends.


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