Do You Vote on Every Candidate, Referendum, Initiative, etc?

Do you feel like you have to have an opinion on everything on the ballot? I don’t–and I am one opinionated SOB, I tell you. I don’t vote on items I can’t muster any interest in, and I don’t vote on items I don’t feel I really have a good grasp of. Why don’t I mind leaving some choices empty?
Lyndon LaRouche, is why. I recall hearing many years ago that the citizens of Chicago, IIRC, managed to elect someone from this nutbag’s camp because they didn’t like who they had. So, people voted for anybody-but. When they woke up to this result, one person said, “Oh. That’s who [they] are? I didn’t know who I was voting for, I just knew who I wanted to vote against.”

I do feel better about voting this year despite casting my votes for three despicable candidates because I despise their opponents more. Yeah, there are some serious problems with this system, and I’ve been on the verge becoming a non-voter lately. It’s still the system we make it: we unfurl our glory and beauty as well as our small-minded provincialism.

I do wish we could vote for None of the Above. A much better choice than anybody-but.


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